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Credit Unions are unique in that in order to belong to any credit union you must be within their field of membership. When you join the Florida Aircraft Federal Credit Union (FAFCU) family, you are more than a customer, you become a member-owner of a financially sound federally insured credit union. As long as you maintain a $5 balance in your share account, you will have membership privileges for life!

Once a Member, Always a member at FAFCU

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Credit Union Membership is a FREE employee benefit that may be available to you or your employees. As your Credit Union, we will be able to offer competitive loan rates, higher savings rates, and more!

As a member, you benefit from substantial savings on traditional bank fees as well as competitive rates on loans, savings and certificate accounts. You have 24 hour access to your accounts. Notary Public and Medallion Signature Guarantee services. Traveler’s checks, certified checks, wire transfers, direct deposit, automatic payroll deductions… they’re all yours when you join.

If you meet FAFCU's eligibility requirements and would like to join our Credit Union, please visit one of our offices to apply for membership.

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