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Members of Florida Aircraft Federal Credit Union have access to our proprietary ATMs located on site at Pratt & Whitney and our Branch Office in Palm Beach Gardens. At our locations, members may make deposits and withdrawals at no charge. Our card can also be used at all locations that display the “STAR Network” sign. Fees and Surcharges will be charged accordingly for use on these networks ATMs.

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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Save time and money by using direct deposit or payroll deduction of your paycheck. This convenience eliminates office visits and time waiting in lines.

Direct Deposit means having 100% of your net pay deposited to the credit union.

Payroll Deduction is having a portion of your pay deposited to your credit union account to cover for loan payments or to make deposits to your account.
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Telephone Audio Response - CARI System

The Computer Audio Response Information, or CARI System, is a free service using a touch-tone phone. The system will let you inquire on all your accounts, transact transfers, perform balance inquires, make payments on your loans, and more! From a touch tone phone call 561-775-0688, or Toll Free 1-888-244-0688 and follow the instructions. If you have not used the “CARI” system before, you will need to stop by one of our locations to complete an application for the initial setup.
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Other Products & Services

FAFCU also offers to the membership Traveler’s checks, Certified checks, Wire Transfers, Savings Bond Redemption, Notary Public and Medallion Signature Guarantee services.

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I.R.M.A. Online Banking System

Internet Road to Membership Access or IRMA is our FREE service that enables our members to access their account through the PC and Internet. The system makes it possible for members to view and perform various transactions on their individual accounts. Please contact our office to receive an application to sign-up for this service.
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Electronic Bill Payment

Enjoy the convenience of paying your bills online through your PC. No more licking envelops, writing checks or paying for stamps. Our bill paying service is fast and convenient. Electronic Bill Payment provides unlimited payments at a charge of $4.95 per month.

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